Is Universe finite?

Most of the myths and theories contend that the universe is finite and has a shape.   We see different star shapes in night sky and wonder what lies beyond them.  This wondering assumes that the stars end somewhere in the space and then there is nothing beyond.  Philosophers wondered on this issue since long.  In 18th-19th century  mathematician Olber took the idea forward.  He assumed that the space is infinite and star clusters fill the entire space.  From this he proved that the night sky would be as bright as sun shining. (Olber Paradox).  As we don’t  see this the universe is finite!  If it is finite then it has a shape and one can possibly watch it from outside.

Today’s science takes the journey further to reach at a shape and beginning of universe.  The journey is quite interesting it takes   I have tried to put this journey in my paintings.

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