Shape of Universe:

There are two popular shapes.  One is perfect spherical and other is egg shaped ellipsoid.  When we look at sky we perceive a spherical shape.   Spherical universe is a direct consequence of this imagination.   Transparent crystal sphere with stars attached to it was one of the widely held belief.  It took a quite a while for mankind to come out of this belief.

Egg shaped universe is not as perfect as spheroid.   However it has charm of life.  In Rigveda and several puranas a story of hiranyagarbha  beginning of universe is form of a golden egg/womb (Hiranyagarbha).  The egg shape universe with golden colour is a highly poetic concept.  It requires Prajapati to fertilise the egg and produce a universe which is highly dynamic.

Today scientists talk about a complex shape of universe which is still sphere but in 4th dimension. The 4th dimensional spheroid is very interesting and highly puzzling surface.  To this surface one has to add gravity time warp suggested by Einstein. 

My pictorial journey will take you through these complex, interesting, puzzling and poetic concepts.  I have taken some liberty in one of the paintings and made the universe like a cube.

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