Earth Support

Everything on earth needs solid support to become steady.  Therefore it was natural to imagine that earth too needs solid support.  But then there was a problem of explaining earthquakes.   So the support of earth had to be something alive which was vibrant.  The earliest myths required snakes, turtles, other animals or human like figures to support earth.

There was a greek philosopher Anaximander who thought that earth does not need any support and it floats freely.   If earth is supported on turtle then what is supporting turtle?  This is a chicken and egg paradox.   Also called “turtles all the way” paradox.

Support of earth is a highly pictorial concept.   It is not only pictorial it forms backbone of structure of universe.  I have dealt extensively with the concept of support and chosen one of them in many of the paintings.  I have named it after legendary mountain Meru.  

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