Meru as Support

Why such a gigantic mountain remained unseen?   Aryabhatta has this mountain in his book but it is not gigantic about 30000 meters tall and placed nearly at north pole.  But Aryabhatta held a minority viewpoint. The majority of Indian scribes held that the mountain quite tall and all the stars and planets revolve around it.  Then why is it unseen?

The answer is found in Buddhist literature according to Brahmgupta.  They believed that the mountain lies below earth and has only a tip at north pole. Since most of the land then known occurred above equator very few sailors had dared to venture go beyond equator.   As a result a massive mountain at south pole would remain unseen.

I have tried to reinterpret these different stories to make a consistent picture.  Accordingly I have placed Mount Meru as a support and extending to the lower end of celestial sphere.

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