Multiple Worlds of Quantum

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Oil on canvas 45”x57”

The world is limited to what we observe. 
Whatever we can’t observe is not reality.  Act of observation changes the reality. 
The Schrodinger’s cat is sometimes dead and sometimes alive.   There are simultaneous multiple worlds.

What is the limitation of reality?  Realism demands that the world exists and is observable.  But is there any reality beyond observation?  German scientist Heisenberg started a philosophical revolution when he formulated his famous uncertainty principle.   The principle then led to philosophy that the real world is limited to what we observe.

In everyday terms “if you do not go to your office the office doesn’t exist”.   This can be called as extreme realism.   This also led to famous paradoxical situation called  “Schrodinger’s cat paradox“.  This paradox was stated by famous scientist Werner Schrodinger.   In this interpretation the cat is sometimes dead and sometimes alive.

Another philosophical offshoot is multiple worlds interpretation.  In plain terms the if you don’t go to office the there is one world in which office does not exist and in another world the office exists.  The world in which the office does not exists ends when you observe the office.

The painting is based on this philosophical interpretation of reality.

Companion painting:

Yugant:  Worlds End in Observation

Oil on Canvas 18″x24″

Albert Einstein was opposed to the philosophy and science of quantum mechanics.   The science of quantum mechanics survived in spite of his criticism.   One of his famous sentence was “God does not play dice“.

The multiple worlds of quantum is probabilistic interpretation of reality.  The probability of life ends with actual observations.

The observation kills several probabilistic realities.  This statement is inspiration of this painting.

The next painting is not included in the exhibition.   It is on synthetic board.

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