Face is the most natural identifier of humans.  It is not only an identifier but also something to read and gain knowledge.  It beholds interesting information on emotions, wisdom, age, sex, upbringing, ancestral background and many more. Artists like everyone else have been vastly interested in all these aspects of face.

As an artist, I am passionate about all aspects that actualize a face in a painting or sketch. The predominant theme of this  exhibition reflects this passion and quest through a study of over 100 faces.

There will be an opportunity to see about 100 face studies during this show.  

Welcome to pramod113.com

Hello  this is Pramod Sahasrabuddhe.  This page is about my activities and interests.    By the way 113 is not related to my birth day. It is an interesting number to me I adopted it as a practice because there are lots of pramods and most of them are not interested in this number.

Why 113

This number caught my attention as a prime number.  Next higher prime number to this number is 127 with a gap of 14 quite unusual for small prime numbers.  Then this number appeared in approximate value of pi.  Every one knows that 22/7 is one approximation of pi.  Next best approximation is 355/113.  I met professor of physics quite some time back. He commented on this number in his own way.  It  reminded him  of one of the most mysterious constants in physics.  It is called fine structure constant.  Value of this constant is 1/137.  So he used 1137 in his electronic id.  The 113 in my id reminded him of that.

There is a commercial reason for this number as well.  pramod dot com is highly sought out domain name as a result the charges for this simple name were quite high.  The number 113 helped me to reduce this cost.

what to expect here

I am basically a structural engineer,  a painter and science enthusiast.   I am doing a solo painting show on a complex subject in February 2019.  Currently I am going to concentrate on the intricacies of the complex topic of my show.  However as time goes I will also indulge in other interesting topics.

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