Earth Support

Everything on earth needs solid support to become steady.  Therefore it was natural to imagine that earth too needs solid support.  But then there was a problem of explaining earthquakes.   So the support of earth had to be something alive which was vibrant.  The earliest myths required snakes, turtles, other animals or human like figures to support earth.

There was a greek philosopher Anaximander who thought that earth does not need any support and it floats freely.   If earth is supported on turtle then what is supporting turtle?  This is a chicken and egg paradox.   Also called “turtles all the way” paradox.

Support of earth is a highly pictorial concept.   It is not only pictorial it forms backbone of structure of universe.  I have dealt extensively with the concept of support and chosen one of them in many of the paintings.  I have named it after legendary mountain Meru.  

Centre of Universe

Almost all of the theories before Copernicus had earth at the centre of universe.   Copernicus brought Sun at the centre.   The heliocentric model of Copernicus did not last long as the observational power increased rapidly.  It was first realised that the sun is part of gigantic galaxy

and is not at the centre of it.  Further to this there was an added knowledge that our galaxy too was not at the centre of universe and there are many more such galaxies.   Thanks to Hubble’s observations, shape of universe was like 4th dimensional spheroid.   Mathematically every point on spheroid is at the centre.  So if earth was on spheroid it still can be called as at centre.

All these theories and myths gave me lot to think and explore.  These thoughts led me to imagine things and shapes for my paintings.

Shape of Universe:

There are two popular shapes.  One is perfect spherical and other is egg shaped ellipsoid.  When we look at sky we perceive a spherical shape.   Spherical universe is a direct consequence of this imagination.   Transparent crystal sphere with stars attached to it was one of the widely held belief.  It took a quite a while for mankind to come out of this belief.

Egg shaped universe is not as perfect as spheroid.   However it has charm of life.  In Rigveda and several puranas a story of hiranyagarbha  beginning of universe is form of a golden egg/womb (Hiranyagarbha).  The egg shape universe with golden colour is a highly poetic concept.  It requires Prajapati to fertilise the egg and produce a universe which is highly dynamic.

Today scientists talk about a complex shape of universe which is still sphere but in 4th dimension. The 4th dimensional spheroid is very interesting and highly puzzling surface.  To this surface one has to add gravity time warp suggested by Einstein. 

My pictorial journey will take you through these complex, interesting, puzzling and poetic concepts.  I have taken some liberty in one of the paintings and made the universe like a cube.

About my art ventures

I am an accomplished structural engineer who paints.  My engineering and science background makes me paint in the subjects usually not adorned by other artists.  These days I  use oil for most of my paintings. I am an avid sketcher who uses pencils, pens, inks and charcoal as medium.  He has flair of discovering new technics in using paints, supports and frames.

As an engineer I have been instrumental in designing many iconic and artistic buildings. My structurally designed buildings include artist Mehli Gobhai’s studio by Charles Correa,  Turbhe Railway station by Hafeez Contractor,  Indian School of Business by John Portman,  Sardar Vallabhbhai indoor stadium at worli by Shashi Prabhu.


Group Shows: 

I have participated in various group exhibitions such as “cadence of brushstrokes” in Thane, ICAC paintings show in Dadar,  Artdom paintings exhibition in Cymroza and Nehru, Artist’s centre exhibition, Thane Art Guild’s exhibition, Coomarswamy hall, Bright groups show at Chavan Centre etc.

Solo Shows: 

IIT entrepreneurship  cell invited me to display my paintings in their annual event.  I displayed paintings on memories of IIT.

At Art Privilege gallery in Thane I have displayed a study of “faces”.  This painting show displayed about 100 faces drawn in a different style.

I have displayed my paintings at Artist’s centre during April 9-16 2018. The show was titled “no-mono & di chromes”.

Awards and Honours:

My painting “vortex” won first prize in painting competition for professionals organised by ArtDom.

In another competition my painting was selected by ICAC in Abstract Category.

My painting “orbits” was selected and printed on calendar made by a five star hotel in Pune.

Talks and Workshops:

I have worked as jury for several competitions held in Thane.

I gave a talk on my painting series “Panchakanya” at Thane Art Guild.

I have conducted a workshop on “how to make paints” for artists.

I have conducted a workshop on art appreciation in Thane.

I have organised a workshop on using water based inks for print making.

Is Universe finite?

Most of the myths and theories contend that the universe is finite and has a shape.   We see different star shapes in night sky and wonder what lies beyond them.  This wondering assumes that the stars end somewhere in the space and then there is nothing beyond.  Philosophers wondered on this issue since long.  In 18th-19th century  mathematician Olber took the idea forward.  He assumed that the space is infinite and star clusters fill the entire space.  From this he proved that the night sky would be as bright as sun shining. (Olber Paradox).  As we don’t  see this the universe is finite!  If it is finite then it has a shape and one can possibly watch it from outside.

Today’s science takes the journey further to reach at a shape and beginning of universe.  The journey is quite interesting it takes   I have tried to put this journey in my paintings.

Vista e Celestia

Stories and Theories

My upcoming painting exhibition looks at history of mankind’s quest of knowing universe.  All of us have insider’s view of universe.   To get outsider’s view of universe one has to guess, imagine and theorise.  All over the past and in different civilisations; writers and philosophers have used their brains to make a meaningful picture of universe from available facts.

Some of these pictures were so powerful and beautiful that they became widely held beliefs.  As the knowledge progressed pictures changed.  The memory of old pictures remained and continued through myths with poetic stories accompanying them. 

The pictorial journey I took involved exploring these myths and theories.  As my involvement increased,  I found that I am dealing with terms which are not commonly known.   This written journey will explain these terms.


Face is the most natural identifier of humans.  It is not only an identifier but also something to read and gain knowledge.  It beholds interesting information on emotions, wisdom, age, sex, upbringing, ancestral background and many more. Artists like everyone else have been vastly interested in all these aspects of face.

As an artist, I am passionate about all aspects that actualize a face in a painting or sketch. The predominant theme of this  exhibition reflects this passion and quest through a study of over 100 faces.

There will be an opportunity to see about 100 face studies during this show.  

Welcome to

Hello  this is Pramod Sahasrabuddhe.  This page is about my activities and interests.    By the way 113 is not related to my birth day. It is an interesting number to me I adopted it as a practice because there are lots of pramods and most of them are not interested in this number.

Why 113

This number caught my attention as a prime number.  Next higher prime number to this number is 127 with a gap of 14 quite unusual for small prime numbers.  Then this number appeared in approximate value of pi.  Every one knows that 22/7 is one approximation of pi.  Next best approximation is 355/113.  I met professor of physics quite some time back. He commented on this number in his own way.  It  reminded him  of one of the most mysterious constants in physics.  It is called fine structure constant.  Value of this constant is 1/137.  So he used 1137 in his electronic id.  The 113 in my id reminded him of that.

There is a commercial reason for this number as well.  pramod dot com is highly sought out domain name as a result the charges for this simple name were quite high.  The number 113 helped me to reduce this cost.

what to expect here

I am basically a structural engineer,  a painter and science enthusiast.   I am doing a solo painting show on a complex subject in February 2019.  Currently I am going to concentrate on the intricacies of the complex topic of my show.  However as time goes I will also indulge in other interesting topics.

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